PEGASUS (Plasma Enhanced materials processing and rarefied GAS dynamics Unified Simulation tool) is a powerful supporting simulator for semiconductor manufacturing, plasma material processing and vacuum technology.

In behalf of efficiency improvement and reduction of costs concerning experiments and trials for

  • Design, development, improvement of reactors or chambers
  • Development, manufacturing of materials or electronic devices
  • Forecasting, development, improvement of process technologies

We develop/distribute/support/customize this simulator, PEGASUS, responding various needs of many users.


PEGASUS is a generic name of software consists of many modules. PEGASUS is classified into three major module groups. THree major module groups mean two- or three-dimensional gas-phase simulator, surface science simulator and two- or three-dimensional feature profile simulator. Gas-phase simulator computes the spatial profile such as density, temperature and flow velocity of neutral gas and/or ionized gas in a chamber or a reactor. Surface science simulator computes a state of surface of a target. Feature profile simulator computes feature profile of surface of a substrate.

Each module is able to run not only by itself but also by combining with the other module. In other words, these modules in PEGASUS have been designed to able to give the maximum effect by minimum investment by combining with or selection of modules correspond to needs of users.


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